You Name It, We Fly It. Choose Us, is the Smart Choice.

Cargo without hazardous or dangerous properties and not requiring extra precautions for air transport.

FARS AIR gives you the speed and reliability you need for your air cargo shipment.

FARS AIR has dedicated expertise and experience to the transport of general cargo on purpose-built freighter aircraft, With attention to details and a high level of craftsmanship. Fast, reliable, across continents and all major manufacturing regions. FARS AIR takes care of your general cargo with competence, a passionate team and the best possible equipment. We fly to the right destinations at the right time to support your demanding transportation needs. 

With FARS AIR , you can transport a wide range of goods like textile, petrochemicals, machinery parts, electronics etc. as far as they are classified suitable for air freight by relevant authorities like IATA and others. Various goods are carried safely and also delivered swiftly with FARS AIR high quality services.

When you’re looking for an air freight solution, you want the one that fits your individual cargo and supply chain needs. With FARS AIR, you’ll get to choose from our freight shipping solutions that will fit the speed and reliability you need for your shipment.

Our employees are highly trained staff, who follow stringent handling procedures to ensure the shipment of General Cargo by IATA Relevant Regulations.

Through our growing network, you can access multiple destinations across the globe – with still more to come.

You will have privilege using our:

  • Dedicated, experienced and highly trained staff
  • Non-stop long-haul flights
  • Fast and efficient operations on the ground and in the air
  • Short acceptance and fast delivery times
  • Goods transported in accordance to IATA regulations
  • Consistent handling standards worldwide with a global network of partners

Should you have required any further  Question or inquiry on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Fars Air Commercial and/or Fars Air Pricing.