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Transporting pharmaceuticals from manufacturers to markets worldwide requires a comprehensive global network, volume capabilities, innovative solutions and expertise. Fars Air Cargo has developed an advanced transportation system that understands the importance of these life-changing medicines.

That’s why our highly trained and experienced people discuss the specific requirements of an end-to-end temperature-controlled process with you. And that’s how we develop tailor-made solutions which meet your specific and complex needs. We draw on the thorough knowledge of our cool chain experts and rely our freighter fleet, to ensure the safe and expedient movement of your high-value temperature-sensitive shipments across our global network. Because we believe that temperature excursions are not an option.

Fars Air provides customized transportation solutions for pharmaceuticals with varying levels of temperature-sensitivity.

We offer two tailored services to ensure product integrity is maintained throughout the process.

Boeing 747 enables us to set different temperature settings from 4°C to 29°C in two difference temperature range:

a) +4 degrees Celsius to +29 degrees Celsius

b) +15 degrees Celsius to +20 degrees Celsius

You will have privilege using our:

  • Exact temperature monitoring
  • Leasing of temperature-controlled containers
  • Special packaging solutions and thermal blankets for palatalized shipments
  • Dedicated, skilled staff trained in handling healthcare products
  • Full compliance with IATA TCR (Temperature Control Regulations) and CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) Pharma certification network.
  • Customer service support 24/7.
  • Possibility for cargo attendants to accompany the theft endangered good

Should you have required any further  Question or inquiry on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Fars Air Commercial and/or Fars Air Pricing.