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Valuable cargo shipping services is one of the services provided very widely throughout the world now. Today, as well as road transport air transport is used, many people are working with several shipping companies. However, transportation of goods by air is indispensable. Because by air transport you can not only do transportation within your country, you can also send cargo all around the world. However, if you’re going to send a valuable cargo, you must be extremely careful about the company you choose when you are considering shipping services.

We transport your valuable cargo consignments by making use of cutting-edge technology and security.

You can send your valuables which is covered by this service, like jewelry, credit card, gold, precious metals, valuable documents such as banknotes, by Fars Air.

All your shipments carried by Fars Air quickly reaches the point of delivery. It is possible for us to send your shipments from airport to airport in a safe manner. for updated and detailed information on this subject it will be best solution for you to contact Fars Air office.

All movements of the cargo, the entry into and exit from the aircraft, are closely followed by our trained staff members. We, at all times, pay the utmost attention and care and make use of the best methods for transporting your valuable cargo.

According to IATA regulation Valuable cargo is any shipment containing one or more of the following articles:

  • Articles in gold and/or platinum, excluding articles covered by gold or platinum
  • Platinum, metals of the platinum group (palladium, iridium ruthenium osmium and radium) and platinum alloys in the grain form, sponge, bar, ingot, sheet, stick, net, tube, and strip excluding the radioactive isotopes of these metals and alloys that are subject to dangerous goods type of labelling
  • Legal bank notes, “travelers checks”, titles, rubies, emeralds, and genuine pearls
  • Jewels constituted of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or genuine pearls
  • Jewel and watches made of silver and/or gold and/or platinum
  • Any article with a declared value above USD 1000 or equivalent (United Kingdom UKL 450 or higher by kg-gross weight)

In addition, the following articles must be considered as valuable cargo:

  • Narcotics (stupefacient, drugs such as: opium, morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, soporiferous, etc)
  • Ivory

You will have privilege using our:

  • Storage in secured areas.
  • Transportation in specially designed security containers.
  • Guarded transportation to and from the aircraft.
  • Specially trained security personnel.
  • Absolute discretion and confidential handling

Should you have required any further  Question or inquiry on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Fars Air Commercial and/or Fars Air Pricing.


Valuable cargo is only accepted for shipment provided that:

It is delivered to Fars Air or a Fars Air handling agent during standard working hours and working days.

Fars Air can take all precautionary measures technically possible to protect against theft


Valuable cargo is only accepted for transport on Fars Air aircraft provided that:

The reservation for the shipment’s weight and space is confirmed for all routes

In case other airlines are involved, they also have confirmed the reservation to the final destination

Its reservation takes into account that cargo is only handled during standard working hours and working days


For valuable cargo a surcharge fee of 200% of the standard published tariff is applied

The minimum applicable tariff is 200% of the minimum rate and should never be lower than USD 20.00


A surcharge is levied on all shipments considered valuable cargo. The surcharge is applied